Project Number Date
test_Tails_ISO_stable 4685 28 Feb 2024, 12:18

Tag Report

Steps Scenarios Features
Tag Passed Failed Skipped Pending Undefined Total Passed Failed Total Duration Status
@uefi 7 0 0 0 0 7 1 0 1 1:37.283 Passed
Tags: @product @uefi
Before features/support/hooks.rb:245 0.003
Given I have started Tails without network from a USB drive without a persistent partition and stopped at Tails Greeter's login screen 10.440
And I power off the computer 0.336
And the computer is set to boot in UEFI mode 0.029
When I start Tails from USB drive "__internal" with network unplugged and I login 1:22.762
Then Tails is running from USB drive "__internal" 0.363
And the boot device has safe access rights 3.303
And Tails has started in UEFI mode 0.046
After features/support/hooks.rb:291 1.587
After features/support/hooks.rb:75 0.006