Project Number Date
test_Tails_ISO_stable 4721 16 Mar 2024, 12:26

Feature Report

Steps Scenarios Features
Feature Passed Failed Skipped Pending Undefined Total Passed Failed Total Duration Status
Electrum Bitcoin client 4 0 0 0 0 4 1 0 1 22.431 Passed
Feature Electrum Bitcoin client
As a Tails user I might want to use a Bitcoin client And all Internet traffic should flow only through Tor
Before features/support/hooks.rb:245 0.009
Before features/support/hooks.rb:442 0.007
Given I have started Tails from DVD without network and logged in 8.428
When I start Electrum through the GNOME menu 11.575
But the "electrum" tps feature is not enabled 0.556
And I see a warning that Electrum is not persistent 1.870
After features/support/hooks.rb:450 0.129
After features/support/hooks.rb:291 1.034
After features/support/hooks.rb:75 0.000