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test_Tails_ISO_stable 4798 18 Apr 2024, 21:18

Feature Report

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Packages are up-to-date 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 1 2.684 Passed
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Feature Packages are up-to-date
On Tails branches that use frozen APT sources, packages we install from frozen distributions (e.g. the Linux kernel installed from testing/sid), and packages forked from Debian that we install from our custom APT repository, can become outdated. As a Tails developer, I want to ensure we don't miss important updates.
Tags: @source
Before features/support/hooks.rb:481 0.000
Given I have the build manifest for the image under test 0.000
Then all packages listed in the build manifest are up-to-date 2.684
After features/support/hooks.rb:488 0.000
After features/support/hooks.rb:89 0.000