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test_Tails_ISO_stable 4956 19 Jul 2024, 08:32

Feature Report

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Feature Passed Failed Skipped Pending Undefined Total Passed Failed Total Duration Status
Hardware support 3 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 1 51.300 Passed
Tags: @product
Feature Hardware support
In order to understand why Tails does not work As someone using a computer that is not supported by Tails I want to be informed that my hardware is not supported
Tags: @product
Before features/support/hooks.rb:269 0.006
Given a computer 0.181
And I start the computer from DVD with network unplugged and an unsupported graphics card 36.066
Then I see a graphics card failure message on the splash screen 15.052
After features/support/hooks.rb:326 0.758
After features/support/hooks.rb:100 0.009