Project Number Date
test_Tails_ISO_stable 4956 19 Jul 2024, 08:32

Tag Report

Steps Scenarios Features
Tag Passed Failed Skipped Pending Undefined Total Passed Failed Total Duration Status
@not_release_blocker_inherited 9 0 0 0 0 9 1 0 1 2:26.261 Passed
Before features/support/hooks.rb:269 0.007
Before features/support/hooks.rb:507 0.007
Given a computer 0.257
And I start Tails from USB drive "__internal" with network unplugged 1:7.752
And I enable persistence 13.057
And I remove the "cowsay" deb files from the APT cache 0.764
# Prevent the "Warning: virtual machine detected!" notification from racing
# with the one we'll be interacting with below.
And I disable the tails-virt-notify-user.service user unit 0.085
And I log in to a new session 44.181
Then I see the "The installation of your additional software failed" notification after at most 300 seconds 13.571
And I can open the Additional Software log file from the notification 5.923
And the package "cowsay" is not installed 0.668
After features/support/hooks.rb:515 0.122
After features/support/hooks.rb:326 1.065
After features/support/hooks.rb:100 0.008